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The Project Lifecycle

Every solutions and services that we work on at WebClinic has the same lifecycle, which means that we serve you getting the milestone throughout standard, sequence, and integrated phases and processes.
Initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing are main phases that any project has. So, you and your staff are invited to keep on touch with us by sharing your ideas, opinion, comments, and feedback.



Project Phases and Processes

Initiating Phase (Mind Storming and Outlining)
At the phase of initiation we contact you to explore and explains your needs and expectations; this phase includes many of processes starting from collection of related information, exchange the knowledge and ideas, list needs and solutions, determine the milestone.

Planning (Get the plan)
After understanding the milestone at the initiation phase; we start processing of analysis and documentation. These include information, knowledge, ideas, needs, solutions, resources, and time of how long will your project takes to be closing-up. In other words, the plan or proposal includes work checklist, time frame, and price quote. All these information and details should be confirmed from your side.

Executing (Working and Implementing)
When the plan becomes confirmed, and the agreement becomes signed, we start implementing and working on the project in according to the details and structure mentioned at the plan.

Monitoring and Controlling (Get Involved)
At this phase you and your staff will be involved into the project processes by checking, testing, navigating, exploring, verifying, in addition to providing us with your final feedback and/or asking for changes and updates.

Closing (Final Acceptance)
Final acceptance is required! Client satisfaction at WebClinic is the keystone of our strategy vision.


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